Aim of the School
  • To provide appropriate education for up to twenty students within the five to sixteen years age band, who are unable to attend mainstream education, and may have emotional, social and behavioural difficulties and other associated learning difficulties.
  • To help students develop their literacy and numeracy skills.
  • To help students develop confidence in their ability to access and succeed in education.
  • To give the children access to a broad and balanced curriculum including the National Curriculum, Religious Education and Personal, Social, Health and Cultural Education.
  • To assist parents/carers to help students’ moral, spiritual, social and cultural development.
  • To help students improve their self-esteem and to experience a sense of achievement.
  • To develop and experience a culture of school community.
  • To enable where appropriate the reintegration of our students into mainstream schools and other local special education settings.
  • To keep students safe and to deal with all inappropriate behaviours, including bullying by students or staff, immediately and professionally.

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