Dear Parents,
It was my childhood dream to start an educational institution in my home town so that each and every student can afford for qualitative education from this visionary educational institution. There was a time when some of my friends faced difficulties for getting higher education and I was also one of them. But my family background was financially strong so that I was able to get higher education at that time. But internally it was a pain full matter that I had to give up my friends. Because their parents could not afford respectable amount for their children education.

Then I thought that I must do something different or something innovative especially for my native people who are facing the same problems. One day I was sleeping at my respective bedroom suddenly I lost myself in a deep thought although I was in deep thought I heard a vibrating voice of my conscience that was (my childhood dream to run an educational institution) By the blessings of God & my respective parents Mr&Mrs Ravinder Sharma& Sharda I fulfilled my first step that was to established an education institution my loving Kharahal Valley which is situated in lap of nature.

So at last I am thankful to all the respective people who guided, encouraged, supported as well directed me for establishing my dream. I am also thankful to my all parents who believed me and send their wards to my school. I feel a sense of pride to congratulate to our respective & visionary principal (Mr. Gerender Pal) and all staff members for their devotion, sincere efforts toward the growth of the school.

Mr. Rohit Sharma
Managing director of north hills school

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