Class 1st and 2nd

New Admission Charges

Admission fee (only one time)
S.No Head of accounts Amount  
1 Admission fee Rs. 3500 To purchase desk bench chair board (blank & white) mattress and other misc. fixed assets for the institution
2 Registration fee Rs. 500
3 Security (refundable) Rs 1000
  Total Rs. 5000  
Fee Structure
Sr. No. Fee Type Amount (Rs.)  
1. Tution Fee 600 * 12 =Rs 7200 This amount is charged from student for staff salary and staff welfare.
2. Sports & Games Rs. 300 This 1400 amount charges from student for the purpose of expenses for water & electricity ,sports & games ,for other misc expenditure accrued during the session.

Note:- these fund are charged form Pre Nursery class to 5th class
3. Electricity & Water Rs. 300
4. Library Fund Rs. 200
5 Insurance Charges Rs. 200
6 Identity Card Rs. 100
7 Prospectus charges Rs. 300
8 Total Rs. 8600  
Education Smart classes
Sr. No. Edu.comp. (one time Annually ) Amount & classes  
1. Smart classes 250(1st to 5th ) Used for subscription charges upgrading and renewal license.
Computer fee
Sr. No. Compter fee (P.M.) Amount & classes  
1. Computer fee Rs 100 (1st to 5th ) Computer fee will be charged monthly.

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